Vector Pi | 2014 Geometric Language Encoding

Vector Pi Image 1

Vector Pi Image 2

English Text

English Vector Pi

Turkish Text

Turkish Vector Pi

Vector Pi Blob

Vector Pi is a collaboration with Asli Ozdoyuran in attempt to create a geometric encoding of written language through angles and lines. In our encoding, each angle represents a single character in a word, while line segments represent whole words. Many of the above images reflect different studies or versions of Vector Pi, however they all share the same basic formula to encode text of any language:

θ = (360/x) * n

θ = Angle
x = Number of letters in the alphabet (26)
n = Nth letter in the alphabet being represented (e.g. “a” = 14°, “b” = 28°, etc...).

Images from top to bottom:
1. (Video) Vector Pi segment of The Great Gatsby
2. Vector Pi segment of Moby Dick Vector Pi
3. Close-up Moby Dick
4. English Paragraph 1
5. Vector Pi (English) Paragraph 1
6. Turkish Paragraph 1
7. Vector Pi (Turkish) Paragraph 1
8. Vector Pi drawn with all words at the same start point.

Custom software written in openFrameworks was used to generate these images. Code on GitHub.