Between the Two of These | 2014 Interactive Installation

Between the Two of These is a public Media Art installation that was presented at the Digital Arts Entertainment Lab (DAEL) in Atlanta, GA. As part of the ongoing Window Project, the projected work illuminated an 80ft wall between the hours of 6pm-6am nightly during the month of October, 2014.

Between the Two of These creates an active parallel between two present spaces. Using infrared cameras, the installation senses movements of passers-by in the physical space surrounding the projected screen and triggers the slow deconstruction of the virtual scene over time. This motion causes the fragmentation of a close-by object, and the inevitable geometric chaos of the scene. Once both objects have dissolved, their particles exchange and the space is fully restored. This constant de/reconstruction of virtual representation is an entry point to themes of the temporality of memory and the poetic duality of virtual and physical space.

This work was done in collaboration with artist Pablo Gnecco. Visit the Between the Two of These website for a full gallery of images and more information about the project.

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